Business Under 1 lakh In Village

Starting a business in a village with a budget of under 1 lakh can be a great opportunity to cater to the local community's needs and contribute to rural development. Here are some business ideas that you can consider:

1. Grocery Store: Open a small grocery store that stocks essential food items, household goods, and daily necessities. This can serve as a convenient shopping option for the villagers.

2. Mobile Repair Shop: Set up a mobile phone repair shop where you can provide services such as screen replacements, software updates, and general repairs for mobile devices.

3. Tailoring and Alteration Services: Offer tailoring and alteration services for clothes. This can include stitching and alterations for men, women, and children's clothing.

4. Beauty Parlor/Salon: Start a beauty parlor or salon that offers services like haircuts, styling, facials, and basic beauty treatments. You can also consider providing services at customers' homes.

5. Tiffin Service: Provide a home-cooked tiffin service, delivering meals to working individuals, students, or elderly people in the village. This can include breakfast, lunch, or dinner options.

6. Agri-Services: Offer services related to agriculture, such as renting out farming equipment, providing crop consulting, or setting up a plant nursery.

7. Bicycle Rental: Start a bicycle rental service to cater to tourists or locals who need transportation within the village. This can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

8. Organic Farming: Start organic farming and grow fruits, vegetables, or herbs that have a high demand in the market. You can sell the produce locally or to nearby towns and cities.

9. Livestock Farming: Consider raising livestock, such as poultry or dairy animals, and sell eggs, milk, or meat products to the local community or nearby markets.

10. Handicrafts and Artifacts: If you have skills in crafting, consider making and selling handmade crafts, pottery, traditional artifacts, or woven products that showcase the local culture and heritage.

Remember to conduct market research, assess the local demand, and consider the skills and resources available to you before finalizing your business idea. Additionally, focus on providing quality products or services, building strong relationships with customers, and adapting to changing market needs to ensure the success of your venture.