Top Notch Gabru Lyrics Meaning in English – Vicky

Top Notch Gabru Lyrics Meaning in English by Vicky. This is a brand new Punjabi song sung by Vicky.Top Notch Gabru song lyrics are penned down by Kaptaan and music of this song is given by Proof. The music video is released on Rehaan Records youtube channel.

Song Details

Song: Top Notch Gabru
Singer: Vicky
Lyrics: Kaptaan
Music: Proof
Lebel: Rehaan Records

Top Notch Gabru Lyrics Meaning in English – Vicky

Thukk Naal Ni Billo Vadde Vadde Tokhte
Fukre Rakhe Jutti Aali Nok Te
Jatt Ne Ni Saari Duniya Ton Add Ne
Asla Mull Leya Sadde Dab Ne

With my attitude I have broken many high profile people
I have kept the braggarts under my shoes Jatts are different from entire world
Our belt pocket has bought weapon on cheap rates

Pairan De Wich Paake Jhanjhar
Turrdi Mor’an Wangu Ni
Jinne Laad Naal Jatt Ne Rakhi
Kehda Tainu Sambhu Ni

After wearing anklets in your feet
You walk like the peahen
How delicately Jatt has kept you
Who else can take care of you

Teriyan Neele Pani Wargi
Ankha Face Glock Kude
Sidha Painda Gall Nu
Sadda Tedda Hisab Kitab Kude

Your eyes are like the blue water
And face is like rose, girl
We directly grab the necks
Our style is little different, girl

Kali Gaddi Kala Pistol
Tu Bas Gori Gori Ae
Gabru 320 Da Asla
Tu Bas Gori Gori Ae

Our car is black, gun is also black
Only you are fair, girl
Boy is like a 320 gun
And you are copper bullet

Mitha Kidda Subaah Hojuga
Khanda Chobbar Chini Ni
Ikko Mukh De Wich Mukaunda
Gall Koyi Nukda Cheeni Ni

How could his tone become sweet
The boy does not eat sugar
He finishes the person with one punch only
No one can stand before him

Narmi Da Bahla Karde Ni Maan Taan
Garmi Naal Saddi Poori Jaan Pechan
Ghadiyan Gold Di Chain Waliyan
Tutliyan Sadde Utte Senti Bahliayn

We don’t pride in being humble
We have connections with summer/hotness (I’m not humble, I’m hot headed)
Our watches are of that with gold chains Butterflies (metaphor to girls) are senti on us

Tera Lak Marode Khanda
Jiddan Discovery Te Sapp Kude
Paake Rakhda Bol Baint
Jatt Kad Ke Rakhda Batt Kude

Your waist moves like
The snake on discovery channel, girl
I speak truth
Jatt speaks right from the heart, girl

Halki Halki Dadhi Jattiye
Par Mustacha Bhari Ae
Sadde Baare Information
Google Utte Saari Ae

Our beard is light
But we have heavy moustaches
There is complete information
About us on google

Duniya Khede Game’an
Edhar Game Aa Pati Mitraan Ne
Parso Mare Fire Te Kal
Hadtal Karadi Mitraan Ne

The world plays games (normal sports) Here, we have created a game ourself
Day before yesterday, we shot guns
And yesterday, we went on strike

Jachmi Paunda Cheej Rakane
Karke Dekhi Gaur Jehi
Addiyan Kunch Kunch Ke Rakhdi
Tu Vi Sunflower Jehi

I wear what suits me, girl
Have a close view sometime
You also, the girl like the sunflower
You walk softly

Mann Tu Bhave Na Mann Jattiye
Jatt Tera Dil Lai Gaya Ni
Haan Aafat Warga Gabru Teri
Aadat Banke Reh Gaya Ni

Whether you agree with this or not
Jatt has taken away your heart, girl
The boy, like a problem
Has become your habit

Yeah Proof!

Tera Suit Te Beer Saddi
Lemonade Aa Dovve Ni
Burj khalifa Laike Jaau
Je Tu Raaji Hove Ni

Your suit and our beer
Both are lemonade
If you agree I’ll take you
To Burj Khalifa

Naa Kaptaan Bhatinde Aala
Paaji Paaji Hove Ni
Collar Fadh Ke Side Te Launda
Keda Mohre Hove Ni

My name is Kaptaan (Lyricist) and I am from Bhatinda
Everyone calls me brother, brother
Those who boast a lot before me
I grab him from collars and throw aside

Fukra Mainu Sabad Pasand Ni
Banda Kithon Houga
Dil Seene Cho Bahar Ni Kadeya
Ganda Kithon Houga

I don’t like the word ‘fukra’ (braggart)
How would I like the person
I had never taken out my heart from chest How would it become dirty, then

Kache Laye Paye Aa Bairi
Pakke Pairi Aaye Aa
Naam Te Laike Dekhi Mithiye
Kis Level Te Chaye Aa

We have come here permanently
Take our name once, girl
You will get to know at which level we stand

Boli Dass Ankh Teri Di
Munda Tainu Fit Kude
Mathi Mathi Chal Rakhi Aa
Khideya Khideya Jatt Kude

Your eyes tell that
You like the boy, girl
We walk softly
And Jatt is happy-go-lucky person, girl

Gadd Khane Diyan Suni Chala Balkhan
Kabze Ch Layi Firde Aa Sadak’an
Tu Je Paundi Pariyan Nu Wakhtan
Gabru Vi Dc Aala Product Aa

Keep listening to the hooting’s of Gadd Khan They have taken the control of roads under them
If you are like an angel
Then boy is also like Dc (Deputy Commissioner)

Sadda Nature Satho Jande Jande Phool Ni
Short Short Pau Hushana Da Mull Ni
Tu Hasti Te Mitran Ne Mooch Chaadti
Main Haa Manna Taa Kara Belliyan Nu Party

It’s our nature, we could not bring flowers for you
But I will definitely put value to your beauty
When you smiled the boy twisted his moustache
If I assume it ‘yes’ then I will give party to my friends

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