Shartan Lyrics Meaning in English – Khan Bhaini | Mankirat Pannu

Shartan Lyrics Meaning in English by Khan Bhaini ft. Mankirat Pannu is Latest Punjabi song with music given by Sycostyle. Shartan song lyrics are written by Khan Bhaini while music video is released by Thuglife Records.

Song: Shartan
Singer(s): Khan Bhaini, Mankirat Pannu
Musician(s): Sycostyle
Label(©): Thuglife Records

Shartan Lyrics Meaning in English – Khan Bhaini | Mankirat Pannu

Oh Kamm Dhande Di Landu Bande Di
Care Kade Tu Karni Ni
Peg Laun Wich Ghare Aaun Wich
Der Kade Tu Karni Ni

Worry about the useless servant of the business that you do not do it,
you never delay incoming
home to put the peg

Thaa Meri Share Ni Karni
Ve Aa Gal Kade Fer Nahi Karni
Makeup Te Breakup Wich Main
Jatta Kade Der Ni Karni

I will never share my place,
never do this thing again,
I boys never delay in makeup and breakup

Oh Suni Gaur Naal Gall Fer Jattiye
Jatt Pakke Aa Bola De
Jehde Baaz Shikari Mitraan
Kad Hath Aunde Koyalan De

Listen carefully,
the girl who is a hawk hunter is sure to speak.
Where do they come to the cuckoo?


Gehri Aa Ve Jatta Badi Zehri Aa Ve Jatta
Tehri Mere Te Kyun Kudiyan Taan Lakh Ae
Oh Dogle Pechandi Aa Duki Tikki Chandi Aa
Bhaini Aale Khan Di Jo Ankh Ae

It is deep boys are very jealous.
Boys stay again,
why are there millions of girls on me?
Dougle recognizes the second-third {right/false} the eyes of the Bhaini Wale Khan.

Supna Main Buneya Jo Tere Baare Suneya
Jo Kardi Umeed Hona Sach Ae
Oh Gabru Shareef Taahi Hundi Ae Tareef
Bas Ganeya Ch Chakma Jeha Touch Ae

Dream I have made,
I have heard about you,
which I hope will be true boy, Sharif is only then praised is just music dancing in songs

Kyun Teena Da Rang Dark Rakhdae
Chasme Car Kameejan Da
Oh Ik Tainu Bas Chadd Ke Shaunki
Jatt Kaaliyan Cheezan Da

Why does the color of all three keep dark,
leaving you just one of the glasses,
car and (shirts) Jatt is fond of black things

Suit Cho Laini Ae Tainu Chakni Paini Aa
Jatti Hauli Jatta Nakhreyan Ch Baahar Ae
Oh Suitan Di Dukan Laadu
Daate Jind Jaan Laadu
Oh Ni Jo Gallan Naal Dende Saar Ae

You have to pick up the suits that you have to pick up,
the girl is more in less of the boys (the tantrums),
I should put the suit (shop) on the stake,
I should not give my life to those who give the essence by the words itself.

Deja Koi Nishani Mood Takki Na Begani
Jatta Hona Na Patchup Duji Baar Ae
Ho Jani Khani Karle Afford Mitran Nu
Enna Jatt Da Na Haula Kirdar Ae

Give someone sign turned and never saw the other,
would not patch up,
everyone should do it for the second time,
I am not so much a Jatt’s character.

Ve Sunke Jhaj Ae Lorh Jehi
Kehnde Nasha Tera Har Bol Kare
Oh Geetan De Wich Kalla Gabru
Paper Wangu Roll Kare

Listening to the fun,
says that intoxication is your every word boy talks in songs
rolls like paper

Oh Jach Ke Rahi Tu Jatta Bach Ke Rahi Tu
Ethe Chubda Kaiyan Nu Tera Name Ae
Oh Darr Kaada Teetran Da
Rab Rakha Mitraan Da
Fame Taan Muqadaran Di Game Ae

Oh stay, you boy, you stay here,
many people have your name
Oh How fear (Pigeons)..
God is kept it’s friends fame to muqdaron “S game

Tera Ve Niyaneya Ch Young Te Siyaneya Ch
Teena Ch Craze Jatta Same Ae
Oh Galli Baati Chad’da Ni
Gaaneyan Ch Lad’da Ni
Apna Rakane Ik Aim Ae

Boys like your children, young and old,
I am crazy about all three,
boys are beans, do not get excited in talk,
Does not jump in words, does not fight in songs,
your girl is an aim

Ek Gall Teri Hor Changi
Tu Rehnae Door Vivada Ton
Ho Nikki Umre Jaanu
Duniya De Dastoor Riwaja Ton

One thing is good for you,
I know from a young age
that you stay away from (controversy)
Know the customs and customs of the world from a young age