P.O.V (Point Of View) Lyrics Meaning In English – Karan Aujla

P.O.V (Point Of View) Lyrics Meaning In English by Karan Aujla – P.O.V (Point Of View) is the Brand New Punjabi Song featuring Karan Aujla. Karan Aujla has sung this Latest Punjabi Song, while P.O.V (Point Of View) Song Lyrics are also penned by Karan Aujla, with Music produced by Yeah Proof, and this Brand New Music Video has been released on April 24, 2023.


Song P.O.V (Point Of View)
Singer Karan Aujla
Lyrics Karan Aujla
Music Yeah Proof
Label Karan Aujla

P.O.V (Point Of View) Lyrics Meaning In English – Karan Aujla

Tajj Naal Sochdi Ni Chajj Kardi
Duniyan Taan Rab Nu Judge Kardi
Bhooki Badnaam Rajj Rajj Kardi
Veere Duniyan Taan Rab Nu Judge Kardi

Yeah Proof!

(I don’t think about the present, I worry about the future,)
I worry about the future, I don’t think about the present
(The world judges God,)
The world judges God
(Hungry people are defamed everywhere,)
Everywhere hungry people are defamed
(Brother, the world judges God.)
Brother, the world judges God

(Yeah, proof!)

(Kise Kol Jawaab Ni Har Ek Kol Sawaal Aa)
No one has the answers, but everyone has questions

(Duniyan Kamaal Aa Kamaal Aa Kamaal Aa)
The world is amazing, amazing, amazing

(Jehdeyan De Karke Ni Sadaa Ae Haal Aa)
The situation is always the same for those who do it

(Oh Halle Tak Aakhi Jande Appa Tere Naal Aa)
They are saying till now, we are with you

(Duniyan De Chubda Rakane Jiva Jaagda)
The world keeps pricking like a thorn

(Ikko Mere Dil Charwa Hi Ni Sakda)
My heart cannot be satisfied with just one thing

(Ae Taan Gall Manni Ajj Kal Lok Tez Ne)
This is the truth, people are sharp these days

(Ni Enne Vi Ni Bhole Sahnu Pata Hi Ni Lagda)
I don’t even know how innocent we are

(Dimaag Nu Lada Laye Oh Damaag Ghatt Lad’da)
He is messing with the brain, it’s making the mind go numb

(Pata Hunde Hoye Dasso Teer Kehda Phad’da)
Tell me which arrow is being shot knowing the target

([?] Jaiye Marge Na Jaiye Taan Vi Mareya)
[?] Don’t go dying, but I have died even then

(Hun Dasso Marne Nu Kihda Dil Karda)
Now tell me, which heart wants to die?

(Pichhe Toa Khoda Te Muhre Toa Aakda)
From the back, he digs and from the front, he points

(Te Oh Ni Koyi Dekhda Akkhan Cho Paani Bagda)
And no one looks, tears well up in the eyes

(Jihne De Kasoor Ne Haaye Oh Taan Badi Door Ne)
Those who are at fault, oh they are far away

(Te Naam Pichhon Tere Mere Warge Da Lagda)
But it’s the names of people like you and me that are dragged

(Kise Baare Bolna Ae Gallan Nahiyo Changiyan)

Talking about someone is never a good thing

(Safaaiyan Thaiyon Dittiyan Safaaiyan Tussi Manggiyan)
You asked for cleanliness, and you got it

(Dasso Fir Sahnu Kehda Puchhne Nu Aa Geya)
Now tell us who came to ask us questions

(Oh Panjh Baari Sadde Vi Gharan De Vichon Laggiyan)
And five times they attacked us even from our own homes.


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