Mitti De Tibbe Lyrics Meaning In English – Kaka

Mitti De Tibbe Lyrics Meaning In English by Kaka is brand new Punjabi song sung by Kaka and music of this latest song is also given by Kaka. Mitti De Tibbe song lyrics are also penned down by Kaka and music video has been directed by Sahil Baghra, Jerry Batra.

Mitti De Tibbe Lyrics Meaning In English – Kaka


Song: Mitti De Tibbe
Singer: Kaka
Lyrics: Kaka
Music: Kaka
Label: Times Music

Mitti De Tibbe Lyrics Meaning In English – Kaka

Mitti De Tibbe means “hills of clay”.

Mitti De Tibbe De Sajje Passe
Tobhe De Naalo Naal Ni
Vich Charanda De Bhedan Jo Chaare
Baabe Ton Puchhi Mera Haal Ni

Towards the little hill of clay,
Right next to the pond,
There is the person who is grazing the sheep,
Ask him about my condition.

Sadak Vallin Tere Kamre Di Khidki Di
Takhti Te Likheya Ae Naam Mera
Ghodi Vechi Jithe Chache Tere Ne
Ohi Ae Jaane Gran Mera

The window of your room on the road,
My name is on the plank,
Where your uncle sold the mare,
That’s my home

Tu Mere Raste Nu Takdi Hi Reh Gayi
Ubbal Ke Chah Teri Chulle Ch Pai Gayi
Mera Pata Teri Saheli Nu Pata Ae
Tu Taan Kamaliye Ni Jakdi Hi Reh Gayi

You kept waiting for me,
After boiling the tea flowed on your stove,
Your friend knows my address,
You are still shying away.

Kaarkhane Wale Mod De Kole
Taanga Udeekein Tu Board De Kole
Aaja Kade Meri Ghodi Te Behja
Pyar Naal Gall Pyar Di Keh Ja

Near factory turn,
I was waiting for you under the tree.
Come sit beside me on my mare,
We will both talk about love.

Neend Te Chain Taan
Pehlan Hi Tu Lai Gayi
Jaan Hi Rehndi Ae Aa Vi Tu Lai Ja

You have stolen my sleep and peace,
Now only my life is left, you take this too,

Ankhan Vichon Kinna Boldi Ae
Chehre Mere Chon Ki Tohldi Ae
Mere Vichon Tainu Aisa Ki Dikheya
Ke Baaki Ainne Dil Roldi Ae

How much do you speak with your eyes?
What do you find in my face?
What did you see in me?
Which other boys don’t have.

Baalan Le Auni Ae Jungle Chon Aathan Nu
Naal Pakki Ek Rakhdi Ae Sathan Nu
Kikkar Di Tahni Nu Maan Jeha Hunda Ae
Moti Danda Naal Chhooni Ae Daatan Nu

You bring wood from the forest in the evening,
Keep a firm friend with you,
Kikkar’s twig is like a twig,
Pearls are pricked with teeth to Datun,

Lakk Tere Utte Jachde Bade
Nehron 2 Bhardi Pittal De Ghade
Shehron Pata Karke Sehre Di Keemat
Tere Pichhe Kinne Phirde Chhade

When you bring water from the river to the pot of Brass,
Then your waist looks great,
I have found out the cost of a marriage costume from the city,
How many virgins walk behind you?

Tu Taan Chaubare Chon Parda Hata Ke
Chori Chori Mainu Dekhdi Ae
Yaar Mittar Ek Mere Da Kehna Ae
Naina Naal Dil Chhek Di Ae

By removing the curtain of the window, you look at me secretly,
A friend of mine is telling me that you listen to my heart with your eyes.

Agle Maheene Mandir Te Mela Ae
Mele De Din Tera Yaar Vi Vella Ae
Gaani Nishaani Tainu Laike Deni Ae
Alle Palle Mere Char Ku Dhela Ae

There is a fair in the temple next month,
And on the day of the fair, your friend (singer himself) is also free,
You have to take the song sign,
And now I am short of money.

Der Kyon Launi Ae Jugat Laga Lai
Mainu Sabar Ni Tu Kahli Macha Lai
Bhua Ya Maasi Ya Chachi Nu Keh Ke
Ghar Tere Meri Tu Gall Chala Lai

Why are you delaying, try
Don’t be patient, hurry up
Tell about the marriage of both of us at home by telling aunt or aunt or aunt.

Lip Ke Ghar Sadda Nanad Teri Ne
Kand Utte Tera Chehra Banata
Chehre De Naal Koyi Kaala Jawak Ae
Ohde Mathe Utte Sehra Sajata

Your sister-in-law has made your face on the wall of the house,
A black man has been made in front of your picture, one who has a wedding dress on his head.

Pata Laga Tainu Shaunk Phullan Da
Phullan Da Raja Gulaab Hi Ae
Char Bighe Vich Khushbu Ugauni
Halle Kake Da Khwaab Hi Ae

I have come to know that you are fond of flowers,
The king of flowers is the rose,
Kaka (singer) has only one dream that there should always be happy in the house.

Daulan Te Ghummdi De Saahan Ch Ghul Ke
Khushbu’aan Khush Hon Giyan
Udda Dupatta Dekh Ke Tera
Koyal’an Vi Gaane Gaaun Giyan

Walking in the gardens, you will dissolve in the smell of flowers,
Seeing your flying scarf, the cuckoo will also start singing.


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