Gun Matters Lyrics Meaning in English – Jigar | Gurlej Akhtar

Gun Matters Lyrics Meaning in English by Jigar ft. Gurlej Akhtar is latest Punjabi Song with music given by Desi Crew. While Gun Matters song lyrics are written by Mandeep Maavi and video is released by Bamb Beats.

Song: Gun Matters
Singer(s): Jigar, Gurlez Akhtar
Musician(s): Desi Crew
Label(©): Bamb Beats

Gun Matters Lyrics Meaning in English – Jigar | Gurlej Akhtar

Naa swargaa da chah
Nahi narkan da darr ni
Oh raza ohdi vich rahiye
Foki maari kade fad ni

nor the desire of heaven,
nor fear of hell,
Raza lives in her,
He doesn’t talk empty words.

Oh 3-5 karu jehda bina gal ton
Ni goda dharke main dhed dena aa

Who fights with me for no reason,
I tear him.

Ve mangne de tak thehar javin vairiya
Ve koi masla tu chhed dena aa
Oh uthda je masla tu uth lain de
Ni meri gun ne nabed dena aa

Wait till the matchmaking, boys,
Otherwise you have to stir up some issue.
If the issue arises, let it be raised.
My gun has to be disposed of,

Masaan masaan laggi ae lagan gall sire
Kite rukje na adh vich ve
Saak na tudade kite sun ve jatta
Jehda laayi phire dabb vich ve

It is difficult to get the point to end,
Do not stop somewhere in the middle,
Do not break the engagement, listen somewhere boys,
which is kept in the place of keeping the gun.

Haan teri taur vailpune wali kaddu koi vair
Paani khwaaban utte pher dena aa

Your gait will remove any enmity without care,
Don’t let the water on our dreams,

Dardi ae sathon kahton shehar darde
Saada challda ae naam mithiye
Tu modde te rakhan diyan kar teyariyan
Bas choode wali baanh mithiye

Why is the city afraid of us?
Our name goes on, girl,
You are preparing to keep it on your shoulder,
Just the side of the wedding bangle, the girl,

Sakeyan bharawan jahe kartoos rakhan
Koyi lagan na ned dena aa

carry cartridges,
Doesn’t seem to matter.

Payi aa darayi mutiyar vairiya
Tu te teri laal ankh ne
Ve kithon de aa kurte pajame wale dass
Jehde naal naal hunde jatt ne

The boy is scared
from You and your red eye,
Where are these kurta pajamas from, tell me who are together with you.

Ajje thode din pehlan leya ki ho geya
Ve lagge kabza tu pher laina aa

Just took it a few days ago,
What has happened, it seems that you have to take possession again,

Maavi honi billo mojukhede pind de
Jehde hunde mere naal mithiye
Dinde muchhan nu ae vatt
Aihe bolde ne ghat
Bahuti boldi dunaal mithiye

V is a writer Billu is a present friend,
Those who belong to the village of Khede,
The girl with me gives love to the mustache,
They say that work speaks more, the double-barreled gun is a girl,

Tu rahin vaadeyan di pakki
Kude fasan de singh
Dekhi thaal kehra ner dena aa

So stay true to the promises,
The girl will fight
See what storm I lift.