Crown Lyrics Meaning In English – King

Crown Lyrics Meaning In English from New Life album: is latest Hindi song sung by King and Natania Lalwani with music is given by David Arkwright while Crown song lyrics are written by King, David Arkwright, Natania Lalwani, Miranda Glory. The music video released on King Yt channel.


Song: Crown
Album: New Life (King’s Album)
Singer(s): King, Natania Lalwani
Musician(s): David Arkwright
Lyricist(s): King, Natania Lalwani, Miranda Glory
Cast: King
Label(©): King

Crown Lyrics Meaning In English – King

They Want Me To Walk On Water
They want me to perform miracles,

Just To Throw Me In To Sink
Just to then let me sink.

Everybody Points A Finger
Everybody accuses,

But They Don’t Really Know A Thing
But they don’t really know anything.

Every Story Has A Critic
Every story has a critic,

Who Never Steps Into The Ring
Who never steps into the ring,

Cause Nothing’s As Heavy
Because nothing is as heavy,

No Nothing Sits Heavy
No, nothing is as burdensome,

As The Crown On The King
As the crown on the king.

Mujh Pe Hai
It’s upon me,

Ye Nazre Mujhpe Hai
These glances are on me,

Kya Raja Hi Jeeyega
Will only the king live,

Banke Sari Muddatein
After reigning for all these ages?

Main Mere Jaisa Ek
Is there someone like me?

Tum Bata Do Kon Sa
Tell me which one,

Jo Samne Khada Hua
Standing in front of me,

Milega Mitti Mein
Will be reduced to dust.

Aankhen Bhari Raate Kali
Nights filled with tears,

Puche Kaisi Durdasha
Ask, what kind of predicament,

Ye Kaisi Durdasha
What kind of predicament,

Main Zinda Mein Bhi Murdon Mein Bhi
In life or in death,

Naam Amar Hu Kar Chuka
I’ve already made my name immortal.

Chodi Do
Leave it,

Chodi Do Meri Sansein
Leave my breath,

Chal Pada
I’ve started walking,

Main Ruka Hua Tha Jaha Se
From where I was standing still.

Reign Of The King Reign Of The King
Reign of the king, reign of the king,

Bend Down And Kiss On The Ring..
Bend down and kiss the ring.

Jisne Aankh Lada Ke Bair Rakha
The one who closed his eyes and harbored animosity,

Pair Rakha Jab Keher Macha
When he unleashed a storm by his actions,

Wo Apne Karam Ka Raja
He’s the king of his own deeds,

Baap Ghamand Karta Hua Kabhi Na Thaka
His ego, his pride, never tires.

Dua Deti Nahi Rukti Hai Maa
She doesn’t stop giving blessings, mother,

Kitno Ki Maa Ka Main Jaise Beta
I’m like a son to how many mothers,

Kitno Ka Bhai Aur Kitno Ki Aankhon Mein
Like a brother to many, in the eyes of how many,

Jhankta Firta Main Apna Pata
I appear, searching for my identity.

Mujhe Dhundhne Do
Let me search for myself,

Aasmaan Ko Chumne Do
Let me touch the sky,

Aaj Khakh Se Lakh Ka
Today, even if I’m worth a lakh in ashes,

Main Ussi Baat Ka
It’s for the same thing,

Jis Baat Ki Shuruat Ka Ant Mile
For which the beginning’s end is in sight,

Chahe Na Bhi Mile
Even if I don’t attain it,

Maine Palat Diya Hai Rukh Ab Itihas Ka
I’ve turned the face of history.

Panne Khule Kisne Padhe Kuch Na Dikhe
Pages have opened, who reads, but nothing’s visible,

Hum The Chale Raah Pe Jinke Na Bande Dikhe
We were the ones on the path, but no one was seen,

Khud Hi Kiya Pele Chale Dekh Rahe Mujhe Dur Se
We ourselves paved the way, now they’re watching me from afar,

Ho Panja Marke Gira Di
After striking with a fist, it fell,

Jisne Khawab Ki Diwar
The one who shattered the wall of dreams,

Bole Tarakki Mashook
Said progress is his beloved,

Kalakari Sacha Pyaar
Craftsmanship is true love.

Kehti Aankhon Mein Na Jhanko
She says don’t look into her eyes,

Raja Hua Baghi Aaj
Today, the rebel has become the king,

Haqdaar Lene Aara Apna Taj
Deserving to take his own crown.

Sometimes Being Late
Sometimes being late,

Is Being Right On Time
Is being right on time.


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