All Bamb Lyrics Meaning In English – Amrit Maan

All Bamb Lyrics Meaning In English by Amrit Maan is Latest Punjabi Intro song of brand new album All Bamb which is sung by Amrit Maan and music is given by Desi Crew while Intro song lyrics are penned down by Ikwinder Singh and music video is released by Speed Records.

Song Details :

Song: All Bomb
Singer: Amrit Maan, ft Neeru Bajwa
Famale Vocal: Gurlej Akhtar
Lyrics: Amrit Maan
music: Ikwinder Singh
Label: Speed Records

All Bamb Lyrics Meaning In English – Amrit Maan

Ishq Tere Nal Ho Gaya Mainu
Dekh Jawani Chadh’di
Ve Dil Di Gall Ni Khullke Dasda
Dil Di Gall Ni Khullke Dasda,
Tahin Tere Nal Larhdi

I’m in love with you,
My youth is grown,
You don’t share heart’s things with me,
That’s why I fight with you.

Husan Di Garmi Vadh’di Jandi
Shehar Ch Odaan Sardi
Ve Mere Utte Mare Duniya
Main Tere Te Mardi
Ve Jatti Ae Scotch Wargi
Thoda Late Asar Jeya Kardi
Ve Jatti Ae Scotch Wargi.

The heat of my beauty is increasing,
And it’s winter in the city,
The whole world dies on me,
and I die over you,
Jatti is like scotch,
That’s why it takes effect late.

Ho Life-Long Jeya Kardae Vaada, Time-Pass Nai Karda
Teri Meri Jodi Utton, Note-An Da Meeh Varda
Kalla Kalla Shehar Da Velly, Gabru Kolon Darrda

I have promised to be with you for the rest of my life,
I am not passing time
Our pair is like a bundle of notes,
All the goons in the city are afraid of me.

Ferrari Tere Suit Naaldi, Nit Laike Gali Wich Khad’da
Ni Je Tu Ae Scotch Balliye,
Tera Yaar Ae Tequila Warga, Je Tu Ae Scotch Balliye,
Tera Yaar Ae Tequila Warga, Je Tu Ae Scotch Balliye.

Like the color of your suit, I park a ferrari car in the street,
If you’re a Scotch girl,
So I’m tequila, (2)

Ve Laavan Jad Main Jeep Te Gedi Shehar Jaam Phir Rehnda
Ho Taur Banave Jatti Di Jad Khabbi Seat Te Behnda

If I go to the city in my jeep, then the city gets crowded,
If you sit on the seat next to me, my respect
for jeep increases even more.

Lakk Beyonce Warga Mera, Bhar Jama Ni Sehnda
Main Suit Laina Oh Mundeya, Tere Asle Naalon Mehnga
Main Suit Laina Oh Mundeya, Teri Raflaan Naalon Mehnga
Main Suit Laina Oh Mundeya.

My luck is like Beyoncé,
can’t lift weights at all
I want a more expensive suit than your gun.

Haq Ch Paunde Vote Rakane, Kyon Vatdi Ae Taala
Kurte Utton Fendi Laundae Goniyane Pind Wala
Ho Tera Messy Football Ton, Ho Tera Messy Football Ton,
Sada Khetan Wala,

You have the right to vote, why are you locking the house?
I am from village wearing kurta and pajama,
I also play football like messy.

Rang Da Brown Gabru, Dil Da Nai Par Kala
Ni Khabbi Akh Fire Goriye
Khabbi Akh Fire Goriye, Je Bachdi Jaan Bacha La
Khabbi Akh Fire Goriye.

boy’s color is brown
But the heart is not black,
The girl fires through her eyes save your life.

Ho Mainu Chheti Ni Pasand Koi Aunda
Ve Tu Ae Par Lucky Mundeya
Main Kalli Kalli Zaildaran Di Aa Dhee Ve
Kille Aunde 38 Mundeya,

I don’t like any hurry
But you are lucky that I liked it,
I am the only girl in my family
We have 38 fort,

Oh Mundeya Sunke
Jithe Main Badminton Khedaan, Tu Kothi Ae Dabbi
Kadd Laina Ae Jaan Tu Paake Jacket Dabb-Khadabbi
Purse De Wich Lako Laini Aa Teri Chandi Di Dabbi
Chauviyan Ton Main Tap Gayi, Teri Age Ae Chhabbi,
Ve Shooting Sikhdi Aan, Ve Shooting Sikhdi Aan
Tere Wangu Kabbi, Ve Shooting Sikhdi Aan.

Listen carefully boy,
where I play badminton
You have grabbed the land there,
I hide your silver box in the purse,
I am 24 years old
And your age has become 26,
I learn shooting.

Balliye Taur Canada Taayin Udd’da Vekhin Garda
Oh Vairi Daunda Fook Maarke, Bapu Kolon Darrda
Ho Tu Lagdi Ae Amarjot Jayi, Ho Tu Lagdi Ae Amarjot Jayi,
Jatt Chamkile Warga,

My sway is up to Canada,
My enemies shudder, and are afraid of Bapu,
you look amarjot,
And I look bright.

Tu Raule Da Plot Jattiye, Gabru Raakhi Karda
Sikander Di Fauj Warga, Sikander Di Fauj Warga,
Jatt Ni Kise Ton Darrda, Ni Kalla Jatt Fauj Warga, Haye!
Obviously, It’s An Ikwinder Singh Production.

Don’t you worry girl
I will protect you
Sikandar (lyricist) is equal to the entire army.

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